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ROAR is a digest of fun, frolics, music and tidbits of information we hope you find both entertaining and informative; coming to you almost live, from St. John's in the heart of the Republic of Avalon.  St. John's is North America's oldest port, the most easterly point of the continent (closest to Europe) and the place where Marconi received the first transatlantic wireless message in 1901.  That's right folks it all started right here.  Radio, you rock on with your bad self!

Your presenter, Jim Fidler, is a long time radio buff, shortwave listener, past college radio broadcaster and has held an advanced amateur radio operator's ticket since 1984.  For you hams out there, Jim's call sign is VO1RV.  Drop in and say hi on his IRLP node (IRLP 7680).  As a teenager, he also dabbled considerably in the eleven meter hobby (CB radio).  Just don't tell his ham friends.  Jim produces the show in his studio, The Roots Cellar, where he also does his musical work, producing albums for himself and other artists.  Check out Jim's official website.

As the other half of the Fidler thunder and lightening duo, where Jim makes all the noise, Lillian takes the snaps, makes the videos and is a graphic artist and webdesigner. She is also an amateur radio operator and her call sign is VO1XYL. Check out her official website

Our Latest Show

  • ROAR-2014-02-10 - Episode 128 - Back To Gold
    ROAR-2014-02-10 - Episode 128 - Back To Gold This time on the ROAR: Greetings from Jörgen Hansson in Sweden, For shout outs go to opening remarks from Jim, Jim talks about setting goals and some of the new excitement about the new ROAR, we dig into the ROAR archives and pull out an interview with Toby McDonald, the coach of the 2006, Olympic gold medal winning curling team and kick back for a great chat. Music this time: Our theme, Genesis, Rising Of The Moon and Fields Of Gold by Jim Fidler and background music by Andre Louis Best listened to on headphones. We'll rant and we'll ROAR...